The floors@work collection of design flooring from PROJECT FLOORS is ideally suited to areas with high footfall, such as shops, hotels and restaurants, healthcare settings and offices​​​​​​​. Our design flooring combines the authentic look of wood, stone, ceramic or concrete with the durability and ease of maintenance of synthetic flooring. Over 100 authentic decors from PROJECT FLOORS to choose from!


The floors@home design flooring collection from PROJECT FLOORS offers a beautiful, robust and easy-care range of flooring for your home. Our vinyl flooring looks good anywhere – from your living room or bedroom to your kitchen and bathroom. With over 100 different wood, stone, concrete and ceramic-look designs to choose from, PROJECT FLOORS has Germany’s largest selection of designer flooring.

Herringbone planks

Herringbone flooring is one of the biggest trends around. PROJECT FLOORS offers customers a range of 12 small planks that can be laid to create ladder-style or wood block flooring. Thanks to our authentic wood-look design, you will have trouble distinguishing it from the real thing. Always wanted herringbone flooring in your bathroom? Look no further than our designer flooring.


Intricate, superior flooring is one of the hottest trends around. PROJECT FLOORS has created six designs featuring a French herringbone (chevron) format. The boards are installed at an angle of 60°, opening the door to an array of new layouts and designs inspired by 17th century stately homes.


Our Groutline collection puts a fresh spin on flooring. PROJECT FLOORS has created six designs with a deep grout line and boards in a range of widths (six boards in each width per sales unit). The different width planks accentuate the rustic design with the dimensions being further highlighted due to the unique outline created by the deep bevel.


The CLICK COLLECTION from PROJECT FLOORS is full of beautiful, superior designs, which can be used in both private homes and public areas, such as shops, hotels and offices. The planks and tiles from the CLICK COLLECTION are installed so that they float above the floor. This adhesive-free process means there are no drying times and allows the floor to be used straight away, offering benefits to both commercial construction and private homes.


The SPC - CORE COLLECTION from PROJECT FLOORS offers an appealing selection of authentic and high-quality wood and stone decors. The integrated impact noise underlay ensures excellent reduction values, without compromising the natural feel. The SPC core makes the planks and tiles extremely dimensionally stable. Additionally, designer floor coverings in the SPC - CORE COLLECTION are free of plasticisers and can be installed directly on most subfloors or hard coverings without the need for major preparatory work.


The LOOSE-LAY COLLECTION from PROJECT FLOORS is the ideal range of floor coverings for anyone looking for a quick and flexible solution for private settings or property development. The beautiful, premium-quality boards in the LOOSE-LAY range can be installed on any flat surface and then removed again with zero residue. Another huge advantage of these boards is that they can be easily lifted individually, ensuring access to cable ducts, for instance.

Designboden-Musterbuch für Architekten und Planer

unique design

Our unique design architects’ collection leaves nothing to be desired with its greater freedom for design. You’ll be surprised.

Skirting boards

We offer skirting boards in the same texture for a perfect finish. 


To emphasise individual elements or the natural look, we offer 15 different feature and design strips. A wide variety of borders can be cut from all the designs in the floors@work and floors@home collections for a unique installation. Take a look at our accessoires!