PROJECT FLOORS-Geschäftsführung
Zoran Stopar & Bernd Greve, CEOs
Luftaufnahme Unternhemnesgebäude Designbodenhersteller PROJECT FLOORS
Aerial view of Grube Carl with PROJECT FLOORS headquarters in Frechen
Detailed view of the architecture of the PROJECT FLOORS headquarters in Frechen

Based in Frechen near Cologne, we have provided high quality products and excellence in service since 1999. Our flooring coverings enjoy the highest reputation for quality, design, consistency and authenticity. As a company, we are characterized by innovation, quality and service. Our competent team of employees identifies with the company and wants to actively shape the market in a good atmosphere with enthusiasm and responsibility. This is the foundation for solid growth with continuity and the safeguarding and creation of jobs. We strive for perfection in all areas of the company and repeatedly question our actions critically. Because nothing is so good that it cannot be improved. With this in mind, we work on ourselves every day and see the PROJECT FLOORS corporate principles as a benchmark for our actions in the company and in the market.

Environmental protection and sustainability are important to us. As our production sites are certified to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard, we have committed ourselves to including environmental aspects in all business decisions and to improving environmental performance on a continuous basis. We regularly have our flooring checked for emissions as per the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification to ensure a good indoor climate on our customers’ premises. We help protect the climate by compensating for our CO2 emissions while transporting our goods – from production through to the customer. Moreover, we use a 7,200 m2 photovoltaic system to generate a proportion of the power we consume during production of our design floorings.

Trust as a foundation
Trust is the most important base for all our internal and external business relations. We appreciate the value of long lasting relationships. Employees, customers and suppliers can trust us; equally we want to trust them.

Customer focus as our maxim
Realising our customers’ needs is the essential company maxim and the premise for all our success. Our customers don’t just buy from us, they are our partners. We want to support their activities to ensure mutual success.

More than just goods
We want to be better than our competitors. In achieving this we must have a first-class range, fast deliveries, reliability in everything, professionalism throughout, a partnership approach and a flat hierarchy for fast decisions. Customers’ demands must be met with understanding.

We are committed to the well-being of all our employees.
We reject any form of discrimination and anything which can degrade, we show and demand respect in all our day to day activities. We strive for communication that is team based, open and equal, because we know that only informed and engaged employees are motivated employees, and only motivated employees are truly efficient employees. 

Management and personal responsibility
We have a simple management structure with clear objectives and appropriate conditions which is based upon delegation of authority and the acceptance of responsibility. Capable and motivated employees have great development opportunities within our company. We have a solid management that leads by example and always encourages our team Spirit.

Environmental responsibility
The environmental safety of all our products and processes is one of our key motivations. This drives our careful use of resources with sustainability as a key requirement. Our production facilities are focused on continuous improvement, especially in the areas of waste, water and air quality. It is a matter of course that we manufacture completely recyclable products with regular, voluntary testing to the most recent and demanding standards.

We’ll gladly help with any questions and wishes that you may have.

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