Design flooring in the living room

Stylish ambience in a herringbone or chevron pattern? Ship decking or large tiles? Your desires will know no bounds with design flooring. Suitable for floor heating, design flooring is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. More...

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PW 3110

Design flooring in the kitchen

The best parties are always in the kitchen. Opt for design flooring to ensure that your floor will survive intact. Our design flooring is robust, water-resistant and hygienic to clean, yet also stylish and beautiful.  See for yourself.

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PW 4220

Design flooring in bathrooms

Your dream of a wood look in the bathroom will come true. Design flooring offers an authentic wood appearance and, what's more, it’s water-resistant – the ideal combination for your new relaxing oasis. More inspiration...

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PW 3150

Design flooring in the bedroom

Design flooring offers a whole host of characteristics – healthy, cosy, quiet and foot-warm, it is also suitable for people with allergies, unbelievably versatile and much more. See for yourself.

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PW 3065

Design flooring in the hall

The hall is your home's business card. Choose design flooring. Our flooring is scratch-proof, moisture-resistant and easy to clean and thus stays as beautiful as it was on its first day for many years. More...

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PW 3130/FP

Design flooring in children's room

Painting, playing, doing handicrafts, romping around or just chilling, design flooring can take it all. Tough and easy to clean, it stays as beautiful as it was on its first day for many years. What's more, it's also suitable for allergy sufferers. More...

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PW 2006