The Chevron plank format is a classic variation of hardwood flooring that provide rooms with an elegant appearance reminiscent of flooring from the grand homes of the 17th century. These stylish and timeless designs are as equally at home when combined with antique furniture as they are when incorporated into a modern interior design. Our Chevron designs are an eye-catching reinterpretation of traditional hardwood floors, suitable for use in most areas of the home or at work.

PW 1633/FP
PW 3220/FP
PW 3535/FP

Eight designs are available in the Chevron, also known as “French Parquet” format. The 60 degree angle of the planks allows them to be arranged in this aesthetically pleasing design. The planks are cut in the special size of 457 x 102 mm. All designs have a 0.55 mm wear layer, a total thickness of 2.5 mm and beveled edges on all sides.

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