Design flooring in the healthcare sector

A feel-good atmosphere will prevail your premises with design flooring. Design flooring unites beauty and maximum hygiene standards for a pleasant stay and a quick recovery. More information.

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Eye surgery Breyer, Kaymak & Klabe, PW 3130/FP
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St. Marienhospital, PW 3610/HB

Design flooring in shopfitting

Create shopping experiences – our design flooring is eminently suitable for heavily used surfaces. The authentic look is scarcely distinguishable from the natural material and the flooring is quick and easy to clean. It is even simple to make a quick change to the design for temporary sales campaigns. More information.

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Bettenrid, PW 3055/HB

Design flooring in hotels and restaurants

A well-designed reception for guests who are made to feel comfortable, stay a while and like coming back. Design flooring creates a cosy atmosphere, just like home, and is water-resistant and easy and hygienic to clean. More information.

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Cloud Kitchen, PW 3840/HB

Design flooring in offices

For creatives with vision – with design flooring, you will achieve a personalised ambience in your workplace. Noise-insulated, extremely robust, long-lasting and easy to clean, design flooring is suitable for all rooms. More information.

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Aqua Free, PW 3110

Design flooring in the education sector

Design and function for smart minds. Away with sad and boring. Provide a modern, pleasant learning environment with design flooring – from preschools and high schools through to universities. More information.

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Kindergarten, PW 1360

Design flooring for the fitness and wellness sector

A stylish flooring in every area to ensure good teamwork and a true feel-good oasis. Design flooring is durable, hygienic, moisture-resistant and easy to clean. More information.

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AKtiv Fit, PW 3220

Design flooring in the home

Stylish ambience in a herringbone or chevron pattern? Ship decking or large tiles? Your desires will know no bounds with design flooring. Suitable for floor heating, design flooring is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. More information

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PW 4011