Creating a comfortable atmosphere is crucial when designing healthcare facilities.

A harmonious environment can significantly improve the well-being of patients and residents and bring about a positive attitude to life in all areas of rehabilitation and therapy.

Healthcare professionals in a wide range of institutions – such as retirement homes, care centres, rehabilitation clinics, surgeries – are increasingly aware of this fact and inspired to replace their cold, clinical interiors with a more balanced ambiance composed of suitably pleasant materials, shapes and colours.

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More than 250 authentic wood, stone and ceramics options

Our high-quality vinyl design flooring can make a valuable contribution to your new feel-good environment. We offer more than 250 authentic wood, stone and ceramics options that are barely distinguishable from their natural role models.

Simultaneously, our flooring meets crucial criteria for the healthcare sector: all of our products are slip-proof and suitable for wheelchairs. They also score high on durability and sturdiness. Impeccable hygiene standards are essential in the healthcare sector, and our design flooring is particularly easy to clean – an essential factor in this sensitive area of application.

Our wide variety of designs leaves nothing to be desired. Combine multiple designs or add joint profiles, bordures, or friezes into a virtually endless number of options for your unique and cosy ambiance.

To realise your interior-design wishes in a cost-efficient way, we offer two collections with a total of five thickness options for the wear layer, perfectly tailored to the various degrees of stress and exposure and the individual circumstances of your premises. This allows you to fit an entire property in the same design, if you wish, while simultaneously choosing a customised wear layer thickness to achieve optimal value for money.