Ley's Loft, ST 970

The retail sector is increasingly subject to the whims of the market. Be it a massive shopping centre built on a wide, green space or an online e-commerce business: an attractive, unique shop design is key for a satisfying retail experience.

We specialise in LVT design flooring that has a wealth of advantages for modern shopfitting. Our authentic wood, stone and ceramics imitations are barely distinguishable from their natural role models and give you a solid basis for your personal interior design – no matter if you prefer it subtle and subdued or tastefully flamboyant. Thanks to their high water resistance, all decorative elements can be cleaned easily and cost-efficiently; their durability makes them perfect even for highly frequented locations.

Our wide range of designs with a vast variety of colours, imprints and textures leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to their modular structure, you can combine multiple designs or add joint profiles, inlays, bordures and friezes into a virtually endless number of options for your unique interior design. 

Designboden-Holzoptik-Fischgrät-edles Design
Brautblüte, PW 3065/HB

Individual solutions

To realise your interior-design wishes in a cost-efficient way, we offer two collections with a total of three thickness options for the wear layer, perfectly tailored to the various degrees of stress and exposure and the individual circumstances of your premises.

Fit an entire property in the same design and choose a customised wear layer thickness depending on your individual requirements to achieve optimal value for money.

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Designboden-Holzoptik-Fischgrät-edles Design
Bettenrid, PW 3055/HB