Seeking a flooring for your commercial property? If so, you are in the right place with the expert in design flooring since our floorings are made for exacting requirements. Our vinyl flooring is commonly used wherever heavy foot traffic and high stress loads call for a robust, easy-care flooring, whether it be in a store, hotel, restaurant, office, sports and leisure facility, or even in the healthcare sector.

PROJECT FLOORS is the expert in design flooring since we have been supplying lvt floorings exclusively for over twenty years. At PROJECT FLOORS, you will find a dedicated, creative team with its own production. Our short decision-making processes ensure we provide a quick, expert response to your individual requirements. Our service is friendly, comprehensive and focused – from the free sample service and consultation on texture in our in-house showroom or on your premises through to recommendations on reliable, expert fitters. Try us out.

We offer you more than 250 different nature-identical textures with the largest selection on the market. We produce wood, stone or ceramic effects with loving attention to detail, ensuring they cannot be distinguished from original materials. Our herringbone, herringbone XL and chevron collections also add a special touch for an individualised sense of space. Take inspiration from our comprehensive reference projects.

PW 3066/HBL

Would you like to see how our textures might work in your project? If so, try our room planner.

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