This classic installation pattern from the wooden parquet segment is finally returning to stores, restaurants and private homes. Especially as a vinyl floor covering, the herringbone installation is an excellent option for adding an elegant, individual touch to your floor. 

We offer a standard range of twelve herringbone designs. At a size of 457x76 mm and 610x102 nn with a wear layer of 0.55 mm, the planks can can also be used to create other traditional parquet designs such as woodblock and ladder patterns.

Unlike the somewhat overdone XXL trend, these installation styles stay true to the purpose of design flooring.

PW 1633/HBL
PW 3610/HB
Broschüre Fischgrätverlegung-Designbodentrends

Thanks to its embossed surface and realistic acoustic characteristics, the authentic wood effect of this flooring is virtually indistinguishable from the original.  And unlike genuine wood, this material can beautify absolutely any space. How about an elegant bathroom with wood-effect herringbone flooring, for instance? Completely doable with design floor coverings!

Our herringbone range comes with a sample book and a brochure with large photographs. Experienced flooring professionals will appreciate the opportunity of showcasing their craft with this sophisticated installation pattern.

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