Education needs a good foundation. Where previously unadorned and purely functional floor coverings made the long corridors and rooms appear dreary and boring, today contemporary design floor coverings with authentic wood and stone optics ensure a pleasant learning environment and a visually appealing design in educational facilities. From kindergartens to schools to universities, PROJECT FLOORS floor coverings can have a positive influence on learning and studying through a harmonious sense of space.

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PROJECT FLOORS offers a comprehensive range of decors that can visually enhance any educational institution. Warm wood tones and lifelike stone replicas, which can hardly be distinguished from the original, have all the advantages of a synthetic surface. They are robust, resilient and can be cleaned easily and hygienically - a decisive advantage that is particularly important in public facilities. PROJECT FLOORS floor coverings are regularly tested for emissions in order to promote a positive indoor climate and in most cases already have slip resistance class R10 ex works.

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