We attach great importance to the environmental safety of all its products and processes.

With the certification of our production facilities in accordance with the most significant environmental management system worldwide (ISO 14001:2004), we committed ourselves to take into account environmental issues and continuously improve the environmental situation with every corporate decision. This involves, for example, diligent use of all resources in terms of sustainable value orientation, protection of water and air quality and reduction of waste throughout production. Compliance with every requirement is guaranteed by regular audits by independent certification authorities.

The manufacture of our floor coverings consumes much less energy than that of many related products. Long life cycles and the low maintenance in daily cleaning also contributes to the positive balance of energy present during production.

Already during the production own wastes are reused at PROJECT FLOORS. Therefore, the new manufactured product consists of impeccable recycled material from an average of 27%.

Even at the end of useful life, the numerous possibilities for recycling reinforce the positive ecological picture. Due to the flooring’s composition, processed waste can be reused saving new base materials. PROJECT FLOORS supports the professional recycling of our products and packaging with memberships of the relevant institutions.