PW 3900/GL

Planks with grout line beveling create an incredibly authentic, rustic floorboard effect. The deep bevel creates an effect never seen before in design floor coverings. Different width planks accentuate the rustic design with the dimensions being further highlighted due to the unique outline created by the deep bevel.

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PW 1360/GL

The edges of the six planks are cut on an angle to expose the dark middle layer. This creates a border to authentically replicate the look of aged floorboards. To add further interest to the design, within every pack you will find six of each of three different sized planks, all with a length of 1219 mm but with varying widths of 228 mm, 152 mm and 76 mm. All designs are available with a 0.55 mm wear layer and a total thickness of 2.5 mm.

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PW 3021/GL